Designing at City Scale

Exploring product, service, and systems design for urban experience.

Workshop Dates: July 17 – 21, 2017

Cities, service design, systems thinking, complexity, human-centred design

A dive into the world of experience design for networked cities, this hands-on workshop will focus on how we can think about the design of services and systems at an urban scale. Building on a foundation of human-centered design research, we will consider the layers and scales that we, as designers, can work at, and ways to improve the human experience of the cities we live in.

Learning expectations:
Participant will acquire:

  • A familiarity with qualitative design research in the context of urban spaces
  • A way of thinking about the connections between human experience and large-scale urban planning
  • An entry point into service design in an urban context, with an understanding of the range of actors and inherent tensions
  • An excitement to prototype services and experiences in new ways


Mayo Nissen
Re’ Dubhthaigh