Brand Interaction Design

Creating emotional product experiences that move people and foster belief

Workshop Dates: July 3 – 7, 2017

Keywords: Brand, User-centered design, value prop creation, designing for emotion, storytelling

We live in a fluid world. The interconnectivity of the world and the fluid nature in which we move between place, content, product, service, and experience has fundamentally transformed the relationship between brands and consumers. As designers, we have to be extremely thoughtful in how we manifest our brand experience at every touch point because the experience is not ours to serve to consumers. Today the things we create become a palette upon which users paint their own experience with a brand. Therefore, the brand experience must be holistic and built upon an emotional belief and the product service experience must credibly deliver on this belief. The two must operate in a harmonious balance. This course will explore how to design the harmonious symmetry between why people want to be in a relationship with an organization and what they actually offer through products, services and experiences. Participants will learn the strategic foundation of brand building and design product service experiences that create this alchemy of consumer love and engagement.

Learning expectations:
Learn brand strategy fundamentals. Learn how to apply emotional brand purpose to product, service and experience design. Develop skills in value prop creation. Develop storytelling skills and ability to generate belief in your ideas and motivate others toward your vision

Basic familiarity with Human Centered Design principles.

Kristin Krajecki
Sarah Krump