When is the application deadline?
We accept applications as long as there are places available. There is a limit of 20 participants per workshop.

Is there a selection process?
No. Once you have made the payment, you have been automatically enrolled in the workshop/s of your choice.

How much does it cost?
Check the page Cost/Payment.

What is the Cancellation Policy?
Check the page Cost/Payment.

Is this a credit course?
No, it is not. However, it may be possible to get credits from your own academic institution but you would need to agree this with your professor.

Can I attend more than 1 workshop per week?
No, you will be able to attend only 1 workshop per week. The workshops run from Monday to Friday, from 9am till 5pm.

Who will I meet?
You will have the possibility to mingle with participants from all workshops and there will be some joint social events in the evenings. From a team building perspective you will build close relationships with your peers – and of course if you are doing multiple workshops, the weekends will be free for you to enjoy some time off in the capital city.

How much interaction design experience do I need?
None, some or lots. We encourage a multidisciplinary studio so we are looking for a diverse group of individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and experience. This approach enables peer-to-peer learning and interesting group discussions.

Do I need prior knowledge of specific software/hardware/electronics?
Some applicants may already be experts in programming and electronics, others will have no experience at all. The idea is that skills will cross-pollinate across the group via teamwork and collaboration. If specific prior knowledge is required, this will be specified in the workshop description.

What is the language of instruction?
The official language of CIID is English. Many of the faculty and staff at the institute are fluent in other languages but all summer school communication and materials will be delivered in English. We don´t require any English language certifications.

What kind of equipment should I bring?
A laptop is required. KEA will have WiFi access and a printer. You will have access to the prototyping lab which includes laser cutters, 3d printers, soldering workstations and a good selection of electronic components.

Does CIID cover health & safety insurance for participants?
No. You are responsible for organising your own insurance. This is important given that you could be using the woodshop and other machinery.

What are the best flights?
When booking your flight, you will need to arrive at least one day before the start of the workshop to check in to your accommodation. Several airlines have direct flights to Copenhagen. Some long-haul flights may go via London, Frankfurt or Amsterdam. Participants are responsible for their own flight arrangements. To get the best deal, please book your flights as soon as possible. We advise you to organise cancellation insurance for the unlikely possibility that the Summer School doesn´t go ahead.

Will I need a VISA?
If you are not sure if you need a visa to be in Denmark, please check here:


Will I get a refund in case I don’t get my VISA on time?
Yes CIID will fully refund workshops cancelled due to a delay in the VISA process.

Can you provide me with a Letter of Acceptance to the programme that will support my visa application?
Absolutely, just send us an email with your data requesting the document.

Are flights and accommodation included in the fee?
No, this should be organised and paid for by the individual.

Where will I sleep?
There are a number of relatively cheap options available including hostels, AirBnB and small hotels. We will provide participants with a list of these. It is up to the individual to find and book accommodation. Denmark is wonderful in the summer so we would encourage you to book extra days for your stay in Copenhagen to explore the city and further afield.

Can I share accommodation?
This is up to the individual – we will set up a closed Summer School Facebook group for participants to get to know each other a little before their arrival in Copenhagen. Room/apartment sharing can be discussed here. Groups of people have shared in the past by one person taking responsibility to book a large apartment through airbnb or similar websites. This is a great (and often cheaper) option.

Am I required to be present every day of the workshop or can I explore the city?
The programme will be intense as there is a lot to learn in a short period of time. Irrelevant of which course you plan to attend, you will be expected to be in the studio every working day – unless another off-site location has been specified by the faculty. There will be time in the evenings and weekends for socialising and urban explorations.

We cannot offer a fee reduction to those who miss days for any reason, including illness.

Is there financial aid or scholarship available?
CIID is not able to offer any financial aid or scholarships for this programme. However, this may be available from your home country, it is your responsibility to research funding opportunities.

What if one or more of my workshops are cancelled for some reason?
If in the unlikely event that any of your workshops are cancelled we will offer you the opportunity to participate in one of the other workshops. If you decide to not attend an alternative workshop, we will refund you in full for the cancelled workshop.