Hardware Innovation: Hacking Connected Devices

A hands-on studio course to productize commodity technology components into new product concepts and functional prototypes

Workshop Dates: August 28 – September 1, 2017

Keywords: Product Definition, Feature Strategy, Electronic and Mechanical Prototyping, Product Teardowns, Concept Refinement, Industrial Design, Branding

One of the miracles of mass production is when sophisticated tech components are produced at such high volumes they become commoditized, inexpensive, anonymous, reliable… almost like a material. Think RFID, 3D Printers, and Cloud Computing. Every year, London-based analysis group, Gartner, famously points out these ‘post-hype’ products. We believe these quickly-forgotten components provide some of the best innovation starting points for entrepreneurs who are looking to bring new hardware-powered services and products to the market with reduced engineering effort.

Learning Expectations:
Under the guidance of leaders from Tomorrow Lab, an NYC-based hardware innovation studio, students will work in teams to quickly productize a commodity technology component into a new innovative product, brand, and/or service. The components will be revealed on day 1, and the students will present their finalized product concepts and prototypes on day 5. In this rapid 1-week course, students will get a crash course in hardware product development including product definitions, feature strategies, electronic and mechanical prototyping, product teardowns, concept refinement, design and even branding. The students will leave with a working connected product and learn how they can adapt commoditized technology to create new product solutions of their own.

A background in some design (product or visual/graphic) will be necessary. Students should be curious about hardware and technology.

Theodor Ullrich
Pepin Gelardi