Winnie Rogers

Country: British
Area of expertise: Typography, graphic design, marketing, strategic communication
Winnie Rogers originally from a Typography design background, she has over 13 years of professional experience working across graphic design, marketing, strategic communication, innovation & business strategies and technology research.

Before moving to become the creative designer and research of Atkins Group HR. She was the design lead of the Atkins Innovation team. She has excelled in a number of increasingly demanding design roles within the businesses in UK and internationally as well as thought leadership programme, horizon scanning & market research and annual business debate.

She has an impressive portfolio that covers many industries across the full range of media. Her classic design principles combined with her creative flare consistently deliver subtle, thought provoking work that both catches and holds the eye.

Many years of personal interest in user experience and leaded her to focuses on design communication, technology research and user design centred approach projects.