Theresa Kitching

Country: UK
Area of expertise:  Lighting Design, Material Manipulation, Manufacturing Processes

My name is Theresa Kitching and I am a designer/maker based in Manchester, England. I am currently nearing the end of my studies in Three-Dimensional Design at the Manchester School of Art. My passion within design is lighting, with my most recent research focusing on user-centred design. I have always been influenced by natural forms; especially geometric detail and repetition. These fundamental elements within nature translate through to my development in design for production. I enjoy referring back to my previous interest in textiles, and exploring the opportunities of 3D Design with textile-driven design thinking.

I have become further interested in interaction design, aiming to form a unique emotional connection between the designer, the product and the user. I hope to develop my understanding of this emotional connection; therefore using such knowledge to enhance the experience of interactions with products that surround us in our everyday lives.