Sheena Yi-Hsuen Shih

Country: USA
Area of expertise:  Interaction Design, User Research, Service Design Innovation, Instructional Design, Design Thinking

Hello, I am Sheena. I currently work as a User Experience Lead in a technology company in Taiwan, focusing on user experience design and research for enterprise products, as well as strategy planning to ensure the design aligns with user needs and business objectives. Before my current job, I spent several years in User Experience Design for software products, Service Design Innovation for technology-aided systems, and e-Learning for higher education. I have been fascinated with designing immersive experiences for people and how people interact with technologies since graduate school, where I studied Learning Technologies in University of Texas at Austin. My primary research interests are in Neurodesign, Connected Health, Emotional Design, Generative User Research, and Service Design Innovation.

I love movies, music, and travel. I travel around the world to explore different cultures, and hope to really walk into people’s life and empathize with those different from me.

I am very excited to spend this summer in CIID. I am looking forward to getting recharged with fresh ideas and inspirational conversations, and walking into different corners of Copenhagen to experience the Nordic design and life styles.