Ramchand Matta

Country: India
Area of expertise:  Design, User Experience Designer, solution architect
I’m currently working as a Lead User Experience Designer at Tata Consulting services or TCS in India, which is Top 3 in IT Services and Top 10 Globally. Before Joining TCS, I have worked as Designer with various organizations like Sify Technologies, Macmillan, and Market Simplified. Over these 10 years of Design Experience I have provided various design solutions to e-learning products, mobile apps, and all Digital products.

During my Bachelors and work, I always strive to explore various design inventions happening around the world and get inspired. Later, I slowly self started to understand the value of Interaction design and User Experience design then I have started doing extensive online courses, visiting IIT India forums and more which happens in India.

Parallel, I started research and development of new models for customer experience and service design, as well as synergies with new models of digital marketing.
Apart from work life I love doing photography, I have conducted various group and individual art shows in India. Also at my free hours I spend reading comic books and watching great people biographical movies.