Noé Bhandari

Country: Belgium
Area of expertise: Engineering, aerospace, computing, multidisciplinary design, 


My family raised me in the midst of their restoration of an old decrepit Monastery that they turned into a guest house. This environment thought me how to think and work cleverly in order to solve various problems in plumbing, electricity, masonry, furniture building and restoration. I spent countless hours in our workshop learning to use tools in order to work wood, metal and glass.

I undertook aerospace engineering studies in order to learn more about the fundamentals of construction but quickly realised that the stringent mathematical and scientific rules of engineering neglected a whole area of creativity, beauty and hands-on that I am now seeking through Design. After my studies, I spent three months with a custom motorbike builder and hand crafter in Oregon (USA) who thought me the ins and outs of metalwork and inspired me to pursue my passion for Design.