Masayoshi Otani

Country: Japan
Area of expertise:  Production control, cash management and public relations for financial institutions .

Hi, I’m Masa who is travelling around the world with bike right now. Before that, I was working for a carbon products company which was unfamiliar to general people. These products are mainly for steel or aluminum companies. As in many Japanese companies, sectionalism was there. Always we have something like conflicts among manufacturing sector staffs and sales staffs and administration staffs. At the same time, the company was losing its direction over the next decade in conditions of saturated markets.

I think design can be helpful to solve these issues. Meanwhile, I think I can use design for my family. I have two brothers and four sisters. I’d like to do something interesting with them in my life. Interaction design will be a clue for that. I’m really looking forward to learning with you guys. I hope to share some experiences of my trip.