Kathleen Chao

Country: Taiwan
Area of expertise:  UX Design, Project Management

Having lived in numerous cities across different continents, Kathleen found her passion in improving the quality of life as she took on various roles in the business world.

She stumbled upon the term, UX design, back in October 2014. Ever since then, she has immersed herself in UX bootcamp in New York, volunteered for LTUX meetup in Taipei, and taken projects across the globe.

Kathleen firmly believes that with integration of multimedia tools, our life can be more fun and meaningful, and our work can be done more effectively and efficiently. She wants to make a social impact through the lens of her UX work – whether it be a tangible product or digital software.

In her spare time, she travels. She loves observing cultural differences and jotting down ideas along the way. She recently learned an Icelandic motto from her tourguide – þetta reddest (aka it will all work out okay).