Jennifer Kempson

Country: United States of America
Area of expertise: design, research, built environments, user experience, public art, prototyping, making, city-placemaking, experiments

I’m a multi-disciplinary designer with a background in urban design, psychology, cultural geography, user experience, and interactive art focusing on human behavior and place-based connections. I am interested in all aspects of design and design thinking including interdisciplinary collaboration, the use of technology in city placemaking, and visioning the future of cities through both art and design. I’m passionate about projects that strive to make both our digital and physical world intuitive, meaningful, beautiful and connected. I am excited about the interesting crossovers that research, art and technology provide for my work.

I have worked as a designer, researcher and public artist on projects in Seattle, Chicago, Copenhagen, Sydney and London. In my work I strive to bridge across disciplines and connect physical and digital experiences allowing for greater public impact and engagement. I enjoy collaborating to creatively solve issues, incorporating user-focused research into decision making, developing a vision for interaction in the world around us – and ultimately creating fun experiences.