James Camilleri

Country: Malta
Area of expertise:  graphic design, animation, video, software development, web technologies

James is a designer based in (almost) perpetually sunny Malta. He works in a small production house, where he specialises in graphic, motion graphic, and web design… although odd jobs such as filming and teaching are often added to his to-do list. He is an avid typography nut and has an unhealthy obsession with fonts, ampersands, and correct kerning.

Despite his current artsy profession, he is technically trained and graduated in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence from the University of Malta. He is secretly looking forward to the rise of the machines so that people will stop asking him to fix their computers. He loves the theatre – whether he’s in the audience, performing on stage, or behind the scenes helping put up new productions. In his increasingly rare spare time, he loves to travel, read, cook (and eat) and try new things… like interaction design.