Harper Hunt

Country: United States of America
Area of expertise: Builder, ID, Entreprenuer, Filmmaker, Research and Writer

Harper Hunt comes from an interdisciplinary academic and design background. He was born into a family of makers in Paris, Texas, where he spent his childhood learning how to design and build for the everyday home. He graduated with a Bachelors of Arts from Sarah Lawrence College, a pedagogy based on research, writing, and prototyping. His filmmaking studies abroad at FAMU in Prague led to the opportunity to work at SMUGGLER, a renowned commercial production company, for his first 2 years post-graduation. Since leaving the company he remains an active freelancer in the industry working in both the production and art department.

He is taking pause to attend CIID to strengthen his design research skills and his awareness for human-centric design. He strives to design functional and beautiful products and services that will make the individual more aware of the tangible world we live in as technology continues to infiltrate our everyday lives.

In his spare time, Harper seeks adventure in the outdoors, loves debating the plausibility of business ideas, constantly analyzes the world around him, and participates in marathons in order to balance the inner human spirit.