Fahd Lakhani

Country: USA
Area of expertise: Product Strategy, User Acquisition, Marketing Automation

Experienced product strategy and user acquisition specialist with expertise in content strategy, marketing automation, customer experience and service design. I have a strong background in data analytics and get a tremendous amount of energy from helping companies grow and scale their businesses online.

As a strategy consultant in the technology sector, I have had the opportunity to work on a diverse set of challenges in various verticals such as real estate, crowdfunding and healthcare. I enjoy working at the intersection of technology and business and have a special interest in two sided marketplace business models. I spend a lot of time optimizing for user experience; measuring for how design and communication updates can rapidly improve conversion metrics. I am currently working on art discovery at an artist marketplace that places graphic art on lifestyle products.

I travel extensively and am a big believer in extended travel. The nature of my work allows me to be a digital nomad at least part of the time. My workations usually involve hiking, skiing or diving.