Erik Story

Country: Norway
Area of expertise:  Undertanding and empathizing with people as users of digital services.

I am an energetic management consultant who enjoys working in the intersection between humans and machines. Everything surrounding this relationship is complex and therefore intriguing to me. I am currently working with digitalization in the Norwegian public sector which is quite rewarding. In my spare time I nurture a passion for outdoor activities such as mountain biking, hiking and skiing (touring, freeride ann cross-country). Work-life balance is extremely important to me.

I believe humans perform their best, not under stressful situations with looming deadlines, but when they are given the freedom to use their spare time as they wish. When I asked my colleagues and friends what they think of me they say that I am passionate, honest and including of the people around me. One colleague told me that I make her feel safe. That is something I want to work on bringing to creative workshops. Making people feel safe and confident so that they can be creative.