Cecilie Varsi

Country: Norway
Area of expertise: nursing, informatics, eHealth, health care management, implementation, health services research, qualitative methods

My name is Cecilie Varsi. I am 45 years old, and live with my family in Oslo, the capitol of Norway. I have nursing background, and I am doing my PhD at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo. My doctoral work has concentrated on the development, testing and implementation of different electronic and internet-based communication interventions for patients and their health care providers.

Where I work, at Oslo University Hospital, at The Centre for Shared Decision Making and Collaborative Care Research, we combine research and innovation with the overall goal to improve shared decision making, illness management, self-management and patient-centered collaborative care. As soon as I have completed my doctoral work, I will become a post-doc researcher at the newly funded project: ”Living well with chronic pain: using person-centered e-health design to support self-management”. More information can be found at our web site: www.communicaretools.org.