Anna Epishcheva

Country: Russia
Area of expertise:  business architecture, enterprise architecture, solution design, project management

My educational background is highly technical (Moscow State Technology University n.a. N.E.Baumana, MA Computer Science) and I spent around 8 years doing all kinds of technological solutions planning and deployment for the biggest Russian enterprises.

Last 6 years I’m doing complex solution architecture engagements for Microsoft customers in Europe, specializing on the solutions that can streamline employee and customer experience. This job requires good level of business strategy and value creation skills, as well as solid solution and enterprise architecture skills to properly land the idea. As architect, I like to see picture as a whole, carefully planning all trade-offs that should be made in order to have solution working. I structure the engagements with service design approach to better understand service (and solution) behavior, principles and concepts to improve employer attitudes and to increase customer engagement.

My favorite part is the beginning of every project, where team and customer start to know each other and ideate rough solution ideas. Sometimes customers at the beginning look pessimistically at co-creation approach that I apply, but I like to see how conversation changes after first insights that we collect during research. I believe in putting the human in the center of my work by learning from users and testing with them.

I am curious to extend my view from “enterprise” service design (sometimes it very slow) to the more agile, quick and dirty one, and of course, I want have new perspective about creation of holistic human experience across touchpoints and channels. In my spare time, I love drawing (travel sketches are my favorites), sweating (running, yoga, surfing and swimming) and reading (hard sci-fi FTW).