Workability: Techniques for Better Design

Better design happens when we’re better designers: who we are is just as important as what we make. The work is just the beginning.

Workshop Dates: July 20-24th

Keywords: process, strategy, communication

Buried in deadlines and overwhelmed by deliverables? Feel like you’re doing the same work over and over? In design, our world gets so busy with wireframes and personas that we don’t have time to work on the most basic of skills. But these “soft skills” – creativity, insight, empathy— are what make our professional lives easier and our work more fulfilling.

In this week-long intensive overview, you’ll encounter a wide variety of design exercises to help you refine and deepen your process. You’ll learn new ways to brainstorm, reconsider your approach to prototyping, develop more effective strategies for critique, and figure out more creative ways to team build. Everyone can benefit from this type of study, so this workshop is suitable for designers of all levels.

Mary Sherwin – Design Educator
Kara Pecknold – Designer & Researcher