Future Materials Lab

Productization of high-tech materials. Applying rapid prototyping, design thinking, and Tomorrow Lab’s process to invent novel product concepts using high-tech materials as a starting point.


Workshop Dates: July 6-10th

Keywords: prototyping, product, materials

With a heavy focus on product invention, lab-style product development, and industrial design, this course will ask students to ‘productize’ a concept using a high-tech material as the starting point. Students will be provided samples of a high-tech mystery material on the first day, for example graphine, fungal foam, shrilk, phase-change materials, or conductive inks. Students will propose their own questions to explore, then use prototyping methods provided by the instructors to develop the ideas in to real product concepts. Students will end the course with a prototype and documented design explorations. Instructors will also introduce concepts of manufacturability, cost, and feasibility of production.

This class will be run by a team from Tomorrow Lab® which uses science & design to invent revolutionary hardware products for a better future. Tomorrow Lab is a product design and engineering consultancy based in NYC with a unique focus on prototyping new hardware technology, and turning those prototypes into market-ready products.

Ted Ullrich – Founder at Tomorrow Lab
Dean DiPietro – Product Architect & Mechanical Engineer