Dirty Backends and Sexy UIs

A Week Packed With Hifi Web And Mobile App Prototyping, Shortcuts And Tricks. Get Introduced To How Modern Web Applications Are Build And Learn About UI/UX Concepts.


Workshop Dates: July 13-17th

Keywords: digital, web, mobile

Often designers approach the user-facing part of web and mobile applications without a firm understanding of the opportunities and constraints presented on the backend. This workshop will focus on developing a design process that recognizes servers, data models, and APIs as the raw materials of apps. The participants will work directly with these materials to gain a fuller understanding of what is and isn’t possible.

Early in the week you will explore tools that allow you to prototype both backends and UIs in parallel. Later in the week, the participants will ‘glue’ together function and behavior/look/feel to complete their own high-fidelity projects. Some familiarity with HTML, CSS, and Javascript preferred, though not required. Students should feel relatively comfortable using either Photoshop or Sketch.

The last 30 years have accustomed us to breakneck advancements in the technology we use every day, and yet at the personal level these advancements have been limited almost exclusively to communication and entertainment – so much so that arguably the public lacks even the the vocabulary to express what it is that modern computing could be doing for them or what they could be doing with modern computing. Spreadsheets are the closest most people get to “computing” with their personal computers.
J. Vincent Toups 2011

Drew Stock – Entrepreneur / Designer, based in the US.
Antoni Kaniowski – Creative Technologist, based in Copenhagen.