Design For Connected Devices

Love it or not, the trend of connecting devices is here to stay. Embrace and bring out the best in them together with designers Andrew Spitz and Ruben van der Vleuten!


Workshop dates: July 27th-31st
Keywords: physical, prototyping, hands-on

Connected devices bring a whole new range of opportunities and challenges. Established companies are facing the problem to adapt and come up with innovative applications while nimble start-ups beat them to the punch. The technology enabling all this is cheap and accessible to most but with it comes the risk of making existing products “smart” for the sake of the hype instead of solving a real need and making our world work a little more coherently.

Working with connected devices requires knowledge in a broad range of disciplines (industrial design, app development, electronics, service design, etc.). You will be introduced to the ways in which a product can be connected and the various parts of the ecosystem. This workshop will be fun, intuitive, fast-paced, hands-on, full of problem-solving and prototyping! Your goal will be to tackle some problems through the thoughtful design of connected devices and we will use real-world constraints and use-cases to play in this landscape.

Andrew Spitz
Ruben van der Vleuten