Rachel Lane

Country: Canada
Area of expertise: Digital strategy, information architecture, ideation, creative brief (articulating), user research

After abandoning art school for engineering and abandoning engineering for a multi-disciplinary degree, I have spent the last twelve years in digital marketing and advertising. In many ways this has exposed me to a fascinating universe of knowledge and people, across Edinburgh, Toronto and Nova Scotia. Most marketing agencies heavily guard their creative/design teams and as a “digital strategist”, I often feel like a tourist in this field. Not so interested in attaining a designer title, but would like more tools and tricks to evolve systems that actually make us smarter people, not just humans with smarter tech.

I have also been involved with makerspaces in one way of another for the last four years, though I have moved away from being creative myself and towards making space for others to be creative. This week at CIID is a small step to change that. A little intimidated by this gathering of enormous-and-sightly-crazy brains, but also very excited.