Before completing the application form below, please make sure you read the following pages carefully: information about cost/payment and FAQs.

You can attend only one workshop per week. Please select only the workshop(s) you want to attend in the online application (you can attend a maximum of 4).

In order to complete the application you will need to have the following ready:

Resume/CV: You will submit this using the relevant file upload field in the online application form. Ensure that this is in PDF format (Word and other formats not accepted). All attachments should use the naming convention of: first_lastname_cv.

You may submit a URL for your online portfolio using the relevant field of the online application form.
You may submit a digital portfolio: Create a zip archive of your digital portfolio file. Make sure the archive is no bigger than 7MB. Please use standard formats (pdf, swf, ppt, jpg) that do not require the use of any specific software packages. Submit this using the relevant file upload field in the online application. Please use the naming convention of: first_lastname_portfolio for your zip file.

After you have completed the application form, you will be sent an email with a link for you to proceed to payment. If you do not receive this email within half an hour please contact