Service Design through the Lenses of Scale and Context

An analytic and hands-on dive into the world of networked services led by two experts in service design and urban systems.

Workshop dates:
July 14-18th

What does Saarinen’s call to consider “a chair in a room, a room in a house, a house in an environment, …” mean for networked service design in 2014?

This one-week course will explore service design through the lens of scale, designing experiences inside the complex soup of products, services and systems we inhabit and work in. Primarily, it will be a week of questions: How do we understand an individual’s experience, in a world of systems within systems and layers on top of layers?

Do we design for scale, or for specificity – or both at the same time? What is the meaning of “public” in a marketplace of increasingly personalised services?

How do we retain craft in the objects and interfaces we create, even as we consider the systems and services they form a part of? How do we communicate our work when it is largely intangible and invisible? How we do we pare our concepts down to simple and graspable ideas even as we think about messy, complex systems?

How do we best think about the scales we design at, in, and for? Through a structured set of exercises, workshops, and focused design briefs, we will uncover this emerging language of networked services.

From the individual to the urban, and from the personal to the platform students will gain new insights and perspective to apply to their own work.

Mayo Nissen & Ré Dubhthaigh