Prototyping – Just Real Enough

Zoom into the design process with experts consultants from Frog Design.

Workshop Dates: June 30th – July 4th


Design is best done in iterations: research, ideate, prototype, and then repeat, quickly and building up on errors and mistakes. Think with your hands and build with your brain. This course will focus on the core activity of iterative process: prototype, prototype and prototype again in order to validate your ideas while thinking about them and build up concepts quickly. We will work in groups, many touchpoints of one specific scenario but approaching it with a bottom up process and build things just real enough to be shown, tested and used as a starting point for the next step. Some touchpoints will be digital, others more tangible. In each scenario you will be starting from paper mockups or cardboard boxes, in some cases exploring digital prototyping with Javascript and HTML5, in others getting your hands dirty with lasercutters and sensors, and ultimately combining the two with BreakoutJS. You will need to find a way to collaborate with other groups in the same scenario, to build together from scratch a complete vision that will be just real enough.

Joshua Noble – Design Technologist frog Seattle
Churu Yun – Industrial Designer frog Seattle
Simone Rebaudengo – Design Technologist frog Munich