Designing through thinking out loud - Week 1

Get acquainted with the collaborative design process with Interaction design entrepreneur Gizem Boyacioglu (8 Interactions & Production, Toyota Motor Europe), UX designers Filippo Cuttica (BBC), and Jennifer Kay (Intel) in this in-depth 2-weeks workshop.

Workshop dates
June 30th – July 11th (2 weeks)

How does an idea pop in to our head? When it does, how do we know that it has value, or even logic? As designers, we must construct methods that allow us to harness our creativity and produce valuable ideas quickly.

Unless that genius moment occurs, we rely on these methods to help stimulate discussion with each other. Working in groups, it is important to learn how our individual thought processes can be made tangible to others and help us engage in a physical dialogue.

In this 2-weeks, hands-on workshop, you and your team will walk through a complete design process, starting from a given subject area and finishing with a final concept. In the process, you will gain various tools in design thinking;

  • Define an opportunity area to design for
  • Use various research techniques to get a more in-depth understanding of the situation
  • Formulate your analysis into design challenges and facilitate a free brainstorm
  • Transition ideas into concepts using user scenarios and personas
  • Use low-fidelity paper prototypes as props to bring your idea to life in a fast and iterative way
  • Employ different video making techniques and their affordances to both prototype and best communicate a concept
  • Document and communicate your process and design

Gizem Boyacioglu, Filippo Cuttica and Jennifer Kay