Bodycraft: Fashion Driven Wearables and the Augmented Body

Play with the limits and potential of the human body – explore the frontier of biomimicry and new technologies in this ground-breaking workshop led by Amanda Parkes of MIT Media Lab.

Workshop dates:
July 14-18th (one week)


Within recent years, wearables has emerged as the fastest growing area in  the next generation of human-computer interfaces. Yet, this new category of fashion technology builds directly on a deeply established tenet of contemporary design- human‐centered design, and can be explored in sensory modalities and fashion concepts extending far beyond the current set of products available as wearable gadgets.

Our notion of the body is changing. New technologies and data structures are allowing our bodies to become enhanced, augmented, expanded in functionality and altered in form, while ubiquitous & embedded technologies are allowing the devices we carry and the garments we wear to converge into a ’secondary skin’ which functions as an extension of ourselves creating our own mobile personal environment. Blurring the line between wearables and structures, this course explores evolving issues in designing for the body and through the language of fashion, how technological possibilities of extending human capabilities alters how and what we strive to design for ourselves.

Amanda Parkes