Vivien Park


The Shape of Things


Country: USA

Areas of expertise: User Experience

Vivien Park is a Hong Kong-born, Oakland-based user experience designer and new media artist. After working for several years in the tech industry, Vivien returned to an academic setting in 2005 to complete her degree in painting and drawing at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Fascinated by topology, place and non-place, she explores these ideas in site-specific installations that draw references from architecture, construction materials, and her experiences in the corporate world. She has exhibited and performed in art and music shows in Chicago, Minneapolis, and Oakland. Now, as a Design Strategist at Intuit’s Innovation and Advanced Technology Lab, Vivien is using the art studio approach to inform next-generation hardware and software human experiences.

Her latest work focuses on reimagining value exchange systems using wearable technology. In her spare time, she also VJs for electronic music shows under the name gravitymax.