Truc Nguyen

Designing through Thinking out loud

Country: Vietnam
Area of expertise: UI/UX, process facilitation

A 22 year-old application designer based in Saigon, Vietnam. I am currently working as the lead designer of Not A Basement Studio, where I have had my chance to build great things from scratch with young passionate people. Starting my career at 19, after 3 years of struggling together with my team members to make apps and build visions, I realized my biggest passion is working with people: facilitate them, lead them, grow with them, and most importantly, letting them help me grow.

I think most of us are afraid of loneliness, especially on long roads. That’s why I put on myself a mission of creating all levels of facilitation and support that enable people to grow together, make great things together. Because what matter the most is we are all there, happily, at the end of the road, together.

And by the way, I enjoy talking and sharing with people. I love observing how things work, and why. Watching films, taking photos and making collages are my hobbies.