Designing through thinking out loud (and thinking by doing)
Service Design through the lenses of scale and context
Open tools for environmental data collection and visualization

Country: Japan / UK
Areas of expertise: Marketing

Originally born and raised in Japan, Takuya is currently studying design in London. Before moving to London, he completed a BA in Economics and worked in the advertising industry as a marketing strategist for around 10 years. He has since developed an interest in interaction design and user experience. His latest design project is about delivering sound experience for better long-distance communication. Through this project, he found Processing playful and intriguing as an interactive tool and started teaching himself in order to explore further possibilities. In order to delve into the interaction design field deeper, he will pursue a Masters course this fall. Furthermore, his experience at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design this summer will broaden his horizon on interaction design. He loves coffee and more recently, has started to enjoy baking bread. Thus, in his free time, he enjoys kneading, baking and eating. He looks forward to exploring Nordic coffee culture while living in Copenhagen.