Sorin Spoiala

Applied Service Design Techniques

Country: Romania
Areas of expertise: Banking & Design Thinking

That’s me , photographed by my 4 yrs old son David. And also according to him, I’m Chewbacca. During the day, I’m a banker (nobody’s perfect) specialized in investment services and products development. I live in Bucharest, Romania.

I have attended a couple of useless business schools and programs until I learned about the “design thinking“ thing. And then about CIID. I have spent an inspiring time during interaction design workshop two years ago. I got infected with the vibe and the creative energy of the people attending the workshop and promised myself to return.

I’m back to CIID to enjoy the time and stories of other people and to learn something about service design. Something that would probably serve well the banking business. Or at least my professional life.

I love to play together with my boys and I’m in a love/hate relationship with photography.