Sara Bianchetti

Happily Ever After: Storytelling through Interaction

Country: Italy
Area of expertise: Systems Design

Sara Bianchetti is a newly graduated systems designer.

Her background includes a Master (MA) in Systems Design, a Bachelor (BA) degree in Architecture and a Bachelor Degree in Comics Art.

She’s the fourth daughter in a family of art lovers, musicians, chemists, engineers, chefs and writers.

That’s the main reason why she fully embraces the multidisciplinary approach that the ISIA  (institute of industrial arts) of Rome, taught her. Perfectly fitted in teamwork environments.

She loves reading books, watching tv series and movies, and she’s deeply interested in the videogame culture that shaped her generation.

Her graduation thesis was an autonomous agent for storytelling, an attempt to give a tangible approach to story and games. That is the expression of the newly born love for the interaction design discipline she learned during her Master, thanks to her professor and tutor Mauro Palatucci.

Her experience at the International School of Comics helped her improve her already promising drawing skills, in fact she developed a sensitivity to narration and visual representation.

Currently working as freelance designer she would love to continue her career in the interaction design field, in the hope of learning new skills and create useful and meaningful products in a team of talented professionals.