Niels Koelmeyer

Just Real Enough (June 30th-July 4th)
Applied Service Design Techniques (July 14th-18th)

Country: Denmark

Areas of expertise: Service Design, Healthcare

Born and raised in the outskirts of Aarhus, Denmark, I originally I wanted to become an animator. But my interest in technology and its impact on human beings led me to study Information Studies at Aarhus University instead. My studies have been on Technology’s impact on the individual, organisations and society. I became an undergrad in 2012 and went to study a semester in Melbourne, Australia.

Coming back from Australia, I moved to Copenhagen for an internship at Novo Nordisk. Inspired by Novos deliverance of insulin to diabetics, I decided to base my Master Thesis project in this domain. As a result, I’m currently doing a service design-project in order to make the initiation of insulin treatment a more pleasant experience for the diabetics as well making the process more correspondent to ideal medical praxis.

When I’m not writing on my Thesis, I’m trying to learn how to do handstands, reading books about ancient cultures or listening to podcasts.