Muthukumaran Vallinayagam

Body Craft: Form, Function and the New Body
Open tools for environmental data collection and visualization

Country: India
Areas of expertise: Business Design, Human Centered Interaction

I’m tremendously excited by the possibilities that technology and science has to offer for the human race. Any aspect of science and technology that brings out “magic”, or a sense of wonder, turns me on. ‘Abstraction’ and ‘Storytelling’ are a couple of noteworthy know-hows that I’ve developed over the course of years to aid me in this search. My interests: Playful/Magical Interfaces, Crowdsourcing, Cognitive systems, Internet of things, Human computer Interaction. I’m exploring Augmented Reality and Computer Vision at the moment. I’m fascinated at how ideas get incremental in the face of a bunch of people chipping in from different perspectives. This amalgamation is in itself alchemical in nature! Feel free to contact me at my email: (Start off in the middle of a sentence if you want to – I quite like that) Let’s cook some magic! – Muthu