Morten Georg Jensen

Just Real Enough

Country: Denmark
Area of expertise: Co-creation & Electronic Sketching

Morten attended the Design&Innovation program at The Technical University of Denmark, which led him into the fields of programming and electronics. Now he is working in the span between traditional engineering and design disciplines, and with a holistic approach to product development, ensuring that technology is implemented on the users’ premises.

Morten is currently working at IdemoLab where he is heading and working on early development projects in various fields ranging from toys to medical devices. The work covers most aspects on the projects, including anthropological studies, ideation, synthesis, sketching with electronics, building stuff and project management. Morten also teaches electronic sketching and creative coding to the uninitialized.

Before coming to IdemoLab, Morten has worked with interactive art and design, and while he has been living in Tokyo and Berlin, he hasn’t lost his urge to travel. After work interests include tinkering with 3D-printers, electronics, programming and mechanical projects, so basically the same as work minus the project management.