Maud Dégruel

Designing through thinking out loud (and thinking by doing) (2 weeks)

Country: France

Areas of expertise: Philosophy & Jewellery

I am French and live between Lyon and Paris. I am 33 years old, I am married and do not have kids. I have an HR and Knowledge Management background and have been working for 10 years; first, as Learning and Development Projects Manager at Lafarge, an international cement company, later as senior consultant within the main French HR network. Two years ago I founded a small consulting company in the fields of digital working and New Ways Of Working.

In September I will be launching new personal projects. These are still to be further defined and so I am very keen on discovering new opportunities, stakeholders, and why not collaborators as well, during my stay in Copenhagen.

Among many other things, I :

  • studied Philosophy and specialised in Aesthetics (Writing my thesis on Vanitas)
  • love jewellery (I launched a brand called Brut de Riens; jewellery made from recycled materials)
  • am also working on an editing project
  • play some music (cello) but I am really a beginner as I started only two years ago (and it is a really difficult instrument 😉
  • used to practice painting but don’t have enough time (or space) for that currently
  • discovered yoga two months ago and like it very much