Matthias Karg

Just Real Enough
The shape of things
Body Craft: Form, Function and the New Body – Wearable technology
From input to output: Open tools

Country: Germany

Areas of expertise: Behavioural Design

Originally from Munich, I recently finished my undergraduate design studies at HFG Gmünd in Germany. During my graduation project I researched possibilities of changing human perception through the manipulation of stimuli that are surrounding us.

My great interest lies in the intersection of design and psychology – why people are doing what they do in a conscious way or not. While studying for one semester in the US, I got a deeper insight into the science of psychology which helped me develop an understanding of how people are behaving and what expectation actually means.

I am planning on starting my Masters degree in Autumn 2014, so I am looking forward to CIID’s summer programme to be an inspiring month spent in the beautiful – as I have heard – city of Copenhagen.