Martin Rodriguez Rizza

Happily Ever After: Storytelling through Interaction Design
Applied Service Design Techniques

Country: Argentina
Area of expertise: User Experience

Martin is a web designer currently living and working in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He holds a degree in Graphic Design from the University of Buenos Aires.
While he has an expertise in graphic design, he has been working as a web designer over the past 13 years for various companies and agencies, as well as freelance, in Argentine, France and Spain.

Since 2011, he got a post-graduated course in Usability and Accessibility. Thereafter he focused on User Experience design and he became a passionate UX designer always eager to learn. He’s interested in expanding his experience as a designer using new technologies that explore human interaction behaviour and user experience. 

His main interests are focused on user experience (UX), usability, User-Centered design (UCD), accessibility, creative problem solving, design thinking, service design and user research.

He aims helping people to enjoy a better world.