Lucía Ojeda Domínguez

Open Tools

Country: Spain

Areas of expertise: Engineering

Lucía was born 20 years ago in the beautiful shores of Cádiz, Spain.  Currently, she’s studying Industrial Design Engineering and Mechanical Engineering at Seville’s University.

Since Lucía was young, she’s been questioning everything that surrounded her. This curiosity and the willingness to know more about how things work in real life took her to study engineering, without forgetting the creative and artistic background in which she was raised.

Although she hasn’t got any job experience yet, she presently participates in a student design association (, as General Secretary, where design-related workshops and events are organised. In that way, she wants to promote  design (industrial, graphic…) so that other people learn the importance of it.

She’s interested in art, technology, user experience, actuality, music, movies, the internet, culture and traveling, and her qualities include team working, open minded, creative and a great sense of humour.