Liliana Lambriew

Designing through Thinking out loud
Applied Service Design Techniques

Country: Germany

Areas of Expertise: Communication & Graphic Design

Liliana has been working as a freelance graphic designer in the film and advertising industry since receiving her degree in Communication Design from the BTK (University of Applied Sciences). While working in Berlin for the past 8 years she specialized in the creation of period and contemporary graphic props for international films, such as «The Grand Budapest Hotel», «Cloud Atlas» and «Inglourious Basterds». In addition, she works regularly in the Berlin advertising industry. She takes pleasure in dedicating to her work and creating highly detailed and imaginative designs. She identifies herself as a people-oriented person who wishes to understand other’s needs in order to continually develop and redefine herself and the world around her.
In her spare time Liliana enjoys finding inspiration in travelling, yoga, exhibitions and design conferences. She aims to widen her horizons in a future and service-oriented way at the CIID Summer School.