Kenshiro Kitamura

Designing through thinking out loud
Open Tools

Country: Japan

Areas of expertise: Mechanical engineering, User Interface

My name is Kenshiro Kitamura from near Yokohama, Japan.

I’m currently designing user interfaces for home appliances at an electric manufacturer. I’m majoring in user interface and product design. By approaching software and hardware simultaneously, I am able to design a pleasant experience for the end user. To achieve that, it is important to build and test out physical prototypes, and this is what I would like to master by attending CIID Summer School.

My background is design engineering and management at Kyoto Institute of Technology. I would like to broaden my horizons and to up my way of thinking about design by exchanging with as many people as possible during this summer school.

And my interests are also eclectic – I like gadgets, fashion, manga, soccer, snowboarding and so on.