Jos de Serière

Open Tools, from input to output

Country: Netherlands

Areas of expertise: Human-Centered design, Design Thinking,…

Hello, my name is Jos de Serière, senior lecturer at the Maastricht Academy of Media Design & Technology, age 56, married, and curious to new ways of learning and thinking regarding interaction and earth of mankind. I have an academic background in social & economic history, information sciences and communication and multimedia design. Currently I am active in different professional roles like senior lecturer in interaction/experience design, design thinking, chairman of INCMD, a professional group of members of the Communication & Multimedia Design course programs of universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands, and member of the national Domain Creative Technologies, part of the association of universities of applied sciences.

As a lecturer I like to embed my classes in ‘real life’ projects with external partners or organizations in which students will be challenged by real life issues and ‘learning by thinging’ new ways of interaction from a holistic and human-centered perspective.

I have a wide interest in experience design, creative & design thinking, human-centered design and so on, but I also like travel, art, photography, music, history, … and a lot more.