Jenny Strömkvist

Attending: Applied Service Design Techniques

Country: Sweden
Areas of expertise: Web usability, user experience, communication, marketing, project management.

I am Jenny Strömkvist from Stockholm, Sweden. I have an educational background in communication and marketing. For almost fifteen years I have been working in the Internet industry as a usability consultant, the second half of that time in the company Nytta & Co that I run together with a colleague. We help our customers to improve the user experience in various kinds of business systems, websites, intranets and other types of communication.

I enjoy the research part of my job – observations, user interviews, workshops with stakeholders, prototype testing, analyzing web statistics and internal work processes etc. I like the challenge in communicating the findings to the decision makers and other experts involved in the project, so that they get committed to creating a great user experience. And I love when the improvements create win-win for our customers and their users.

I look forward to meeting the other course participants and learning from their perspective on service design. I also hope to get to know Copenhagen a bit better – the last time I spent a couple of days in Denmark I was the right size to fit into the tiny cars at Legoland… Let’s just say it’s been a while.