Happily Ever After: Storytelling through Interaction
Body Craft: Fashion Driven Wearables and the Augmented Body
From input to output: Open tools

Country: South Korea

Area of Expertise: MEDIA ART
Hyojung is a Seoul-based media artist working in interactive media. Her concerns are methods and processes of making invisible visible and familiar unfamiliar. As she make everyday objects unfamiliar by combing them with the video and sound, audience can get the chance to see the ordinary life with a new view of perception. To make the object and space unfamiliar, she uses the media technologies like image recognition with camera, sound analysis with microphone and change detection with sensors. With adding virtual images to objects that exist in reality, she draws the audience into the work and change the way to face reality.

She lays importance on the sharing of process, just as the nature of interactive works is to include the ‘experience’ itself as part of the whole. Thus, she creates opportunities to present her works in line with various workshops. Recent her work ‘museum of memories by object’ which borrows the format of museum was exhibited in Buenos-Aires(Argentina) and KitaKyushu(Japan) with different version. Local people who participated in the workshop collected and produced the contents of museum, and she changed the abandoned space in the community into museum. Audience could have the opportunity to see the ordinary place and object from a new perspective out of reality. By leading audience to participate in the process of making the work, she lays emphasis on the communion with audience. And audience intervenes with the work rather than appreciate passively.

Her works were shown in many exhibitions like SIGGRAPH, Asia Triennial Manchester, Oogaki Biennale, Kobe Biennale. She had joined the international project ‘accented body’ with QUT to make a networked performance linking UK, Australia and Korea. Besides her non-commissioned work, she made interactive installations for major brand like Nike, SHISEIDO, Peugueot, Perrier-Jouët and so on; she teaches at the Samsung Art and Design Institute.