Gunes Kantaroglu 

Happily ever after: Storytelling in design

Country: The Netherlands
Areas of expertise: Customer experience, data science, psychology

Gunes is currently a customer experience specialist at Vodafone. In the past she has been a data scientist and a researcher. Before she landed a job in the corporate world, she studied way too much for her own good – psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, behavioural economics, linguistics, cognitive science and Russian literature. That was definitely enough to confuse her but she sees a link. More recently, she has been involved in service design at work and filmmaking/scriptwriting outside of work.

Although originally Turkish, Gunes has been based in Amsterdam for the past 5 years (and in Edinburgh for 4 years previously). She enjoys country hopping, the outdoors, short films, philosophical discussions, meeting new and interesting people, talking to new and interesting people and anything that makes her laugh. She spends a good portion of the day thinking about people and why they do things.

Gunes has been trying to get closer to the sun but that hasn’t worked out so far. On a different note, she is very excited about her future plans and wants to keep building her career at the intersection of innovation, technology, design and art to hopefully make people’s lives a tiny bit better. Summer school will be an amazing start in that journey.