Frances Yin Wang

Attending: Designing through Thinking out loud

Country: China & USA

Areas of expertise: Journalism, Photography, Graphic Design

Hello! My name is Frances Yin Wang. Originally from Shanghai, China, I went to school in the US in 2008. After graduation, I moved to New York and have been living and working there for almost 5 years now.

Working for several years in the media industry (magazine, to be more specific), I find my real interest in new media design and thus decided to go back to school to get professional training. I will study interaction design in Carnegie Mellon University this coming Fall.

I love photography, art, travel and animals. I usually spend my spare time taking photos, volunteering in animal shelter, visiting museums or just cuddling with my shiba inu dog Kiku (who always refuses to be cuddled).

I’m currently traveling around the world and Copenhagen, Denmark will be my last stop. I’m more than excited to end my trip by attending CIID’s summer program to expand my knowledge in interaction design, develop new skill sets, meet people and get inspired.