Felipe Rocha

Applied service design techniques

Country: Brazil
Areas of expertise: Creative Strategy and Graphic Design

I was born in the suburbs of São Paulo and I’m currently head of Design at CUBOCC. I have an Industrial Design degree from Mackenzie University. I’m also co-founder of Arnold, a graphic design studio in Brazil and part of two ongoing projects: Pinapipa and Unofficial Report. My work has been featured in exhibitions in Milan and Hong Kong.

In 2012 I was asked to join Fabrica – the Benetton’s creative laboratory in Treviso, Italy. There, I worked for one year as graphic designer at Colors Magazine (the magazine “about the rest of the world” Tibor Kalman and Toscani created in 1991).

I believe in learning through doing and I’m very excited because CIID Summer School looks like the perfect environment to make it happen.