Cássia Vila

Attending: The shape of things

Country: Brazil
Areas of expertise: Graphic design, Photography

I was born in a small city in Brazil’s countryside. In my calm early life, I had developed great interest in seeing things from a different prespective. I have studied music, dance, painting, drama, philosophy, but the thing I liked doing the most was photographing.
I went to one of Brazil’s most respected University (UNESP) to become a Graphic Design Bachelor, and I did, two years ago.

Since that, I worked with many kinds of design applications, like publishing, advertising and digital media. As a personal project, I have tried to study photography in a very particular way, always relating it to science and psychoanalysis.

Nowadays, I work as creative director of a fashion brand. My main goal is to create scenarios where people can see things from different perspectives as well.