Ananya Garg

Designing through Thinking out loud
Service Design in the lenses of Scale and Context

Country: India

I have found solace and freedom of expression in art, music and poetry from a very young age and what I am heading towards in life right now, seems like a relevant extension of the same. Breaking the norms of a family of stereotypical careers I am still trying to narrow down as to what part of design fascinates me the most. I graduated last year a Bachelor of Mass Media (major: Advertising) after which I shortly worked as a Social Media Graphic Designer for a few international brands. After taking a month off to explore more opportunities, I was exposed to the whole new world of Interaction Design. I am just a four months old Interaction Designer working for a start-up design studio in Mumbai, India. I find the whole idea of problem solving through design and creating virtual utility through such creative tools enthralling. I think that’s what keeps me going.

Having received no formal education in design, I jump at every opportunity of learning anything I find interesting. And what could be better than summer school at a whole new place! Really looking forward to gaining some globally diverse insights on the intricacies of design.

When I am not at work, you’ll probably find me listening to some mellow music, doodling something or enjoying a slow read.
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